last update: 01-03-08

This is a list of every album of Queen. Again, you have probably seen more of these lists on the internet, maybe this is nothing new to you. What I'm trying to create is a catalogue of sleeves. Check my site for updates.

This is not the section with the most different items. Almost every album has no real big differences. I think the fun in collecting albums is also to look for the little differences. Eventually even in this section there are some items who are highly collectable. 

The information you can find:
- title
- distributed in year
- songs featuring on album(s)
- approximate value ()
- countries

Titel updated
Queen 16-06-06
Queen II 16-06-06
Sheer heart attack 10-09-05
a Night at the Opera 08-01-08
a Day at the Races 08-01-06
News of the World 08-01-06
Jazz 13-11-05
the Game 08-01-06
Flash Gordon 08-01-06
Hot Space 01-03-08
the Works 08-01-06
a Kind of Magic 16-06-06
the Miracle 27-11-05
Innuendo 07-12-05
Made in Heaven 15-12-05
Queen Rocks 15-12-05
Greatest hits
Greatest hits II 20-03-06
Greatest hits III 20-03-06
Live 08-01-06