London 2007
In 2007 I went with some of my friends to the capital of the United Kingdom to see the musical We Will Rock You.
Because it was the 5th birthday of the musical, Brian May and Roger Taylor would be present.
This was the main reason to make this Queen-trip.
We've had a few fantastic days with mainly Queen on our mind.
Enjoy some of our pictures.
Even more can be found on the picasaweb of my dear friend and colleague Marcel.

Bart - Jacqueline

Marcel - Piet

Freddie's old house and where he died

Kensington pub, the 'beginning' of Queen

Holland road 100, Freddie lived here with Mary Austin in the early seventies.

Ealing college, Freddie studied here and
the first appearance of Wreckage.

Castle Inn, where Freddie met Tim (Staffel)