How it all began, collecting

Back in 1986 there was a new movie, Iron Eagle. I was then, and still am, a huge film fan. This movie had a song, which sounded great, called One Vision. The group who made the music sounded familiar. They were responsible for some hit called Bohemian Rhapsody. In 1988 I went to school in Oss where I met some other Queen fools, Michel en Edwin. This was very contagious and every cd they had, I had to make a copy on tape. This was not enough, so in 1989 I bought my first cd, their newest at the time, the Miracle. This was the beginning of the end.

Somewhere between 1990-1994 a very good friend, Mike, called me and asked if I was interested in singles of Queen. I wondered what I had to do with it. A cd was much easier in use and the sound was always good. But then I thought at what a other Queen maniac said, Jacques, there were songs which can not be found at cd or LP. So now I was obligated to obtain these singles. Mike gave me a pile where every beginning collector dreams of (maybe even the die-hard collector). Below are 2 pictures of the greatest items.

Roger Taylor I wanna testify NL 5c-006-99504


Smile Earth USA mercury label 72977 - clear 


The Smile single is a bootleg, but I don't care. Even this bootleg is hard to find.

In time I discovered that some items were hard to get. Some were highly collectable and could be very expensive. What if everything was stolen or burned down ? Then I had to start all over again.
Conclusion: make a list with the value of every item. So I began searching for values of my items and more. The next idea is to make a catalogue of every item there is about the greatest band ever. Maybe someday I will organize an exhibition about collecting the biggest band ever


I know that my collection is not very big compared with other collectors, but I am really proud of what I have. This crazy hobby will be mine until my death. Maybe it's more, maybe it has become a way of living. However, if anyone has a picture of a hard tot find item, please mail it to me. You will make me very happy. If you know what a value an item has, you can mail that also to me.



The value of an item is relative. The price that you want to pay is normally the value. You could be lucky. The chart below shows the top 5 of my collection. The value is based on what you pay at fairs, the Record Collector, the Internet and what the fan club quotes. When I have 7 values of an item it has a value, and of course I have to update it regular.
Title artist




value approx. ()

Bohemian Rhapsody Queen


blue, nr.82

United Kingdom

Hot Space Queen

LP colour



a Kind of Magic Queen

LP colour



the Game Queen

LP colour



Queen cabinet Queen


nr.3697 of 15.000

United Kingdom


Of course nothing is for sale, but who's to blame. If you're a collector you know what I mean.

Many many many thanks for their contribution:
Edwin van de Berg
Fons van Schaik
Ingrid Pastoors
Jacques Lanters
Lachlan M. (Australia)
Michel van Oostrum
Mike Burgers
Peter Ebben
Ronald Pastoors

PJF Kersten
last update 20.01.2008